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A Longer, Healthier Life Begins With Onsenxe™

Everyone is born with an immune system, but how we maintain it is what helps us live long and healthy. However, due to our modern lifestyle and environment, many of us are forced into an unhealthy lifestyle. Fast-paced life causes the rise of stress, the need for processed food, lack of rest and so on. These all will heavily impact our immune system and bodily health, holding us back from enjoying life as much as we can.

Boost your immune system with the help of Onsenxe™ — a simple and convenient solution to living a longer, healthier life.

Supercharge Your Immune System

Traditional medicine and scientists have long proven that good health starts at the soles of our feet. These healing wonders of nature combined together into a convenient foot patch helps nutrients to be easily absorbed and distributed throughout your body from the soles up. is infused with nature’s time-tested remedies that are known for their powerful detoxification and health-boosting benefits.

Activated Charcoal
A strong detoxification agent that offers wide-ranging benefits from blood cleansing, cell reproduction, immune boosting, to improving the body’s metabolic processes.
Over 15 different minerals: boron, calcium, chloride, sodium, sulfate, lithium, potassium, magnesium, manganese, iron, silica, zinc, fluoride, phosphate and nitrogen – each one possessing unique healing qualities. Each time you use Onsenxe™, you receive a small, healthful, safe dose of this mineral cocktail, just like a multivitamin for your body.
  • Boosts health and significantly strengthens the immune system
  • Dispels harmful toxins and wastes naturally
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Enhances metabolism
  • Replenishes lost vital essence and slows down the body’s aging process
  • Promotes good sleep and relieves fatigue
  1. Clean and wipe dry the soles of your feet.

  2. Peel the protective film off the patch.

  3. Stick one patch onto the center of each sole.

  4. Hold the patch on for about 10 seconds to ensure its secure adhesion onto the skin.

Note: For best results, leave the patches on overnight. Results may take at least 1 month to show.


Wow! Just wow! I used these pads when I was coming down with a bad cold. Slept with them on all night and the next morning, I felt a WHOLE lot better. My sinus was no longer acting up and my headache’s gone too. I’m honestly blown away!

Jason Hurley, NJ

✔ Verified Purchase

It was amazing to see how much toxins these pads can get out from my body. I have not used anything like that before and it was astonishing to see how black it was when I removed it. After using it for 5 days, I can tell the difference by how dark the pads were when I first put them on and how much lighter they got in color on the 6th day when I took them off. Awesome product and rather affordable too. I absolutely suggest giving them a try and I personally will be repurchasing.

Jenna Hall, AZ

✔ Verified Purchase

I recently bought these detox pads and love them. I did a cleanse and used these to help release toxins from my body and they worked really well! The next morning, I felt less foggy, less achy and even had a clearer head. I felt so much more relaxed too. I gave them to my mom who was having knee and joint pain and before the end of the day, she said she was in a lot less pain. She couldn't believe how well they worked! So I re-ordered them because they are an integral part of my family’s overall health and well-being plan. Great product!

Holly Dawson, VA

✔ Verified Purchase


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