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From Rolls to Pointe Shoes: Journey of a Ballerina Defying Gravity

September 16th, 2020 | Written by Joyce Emerson

Faith Harrison was coined the nickname Roly Poly Ballerina. But make no mistake, she is the Swan Princess of the ballet world, beating other feather-like dancers and showing gravity who’s boss.

Faith is star of the show, she pointe on her toes without breaking a sweat, as twirling-stick figures graced the stage and flaunt their moves.

All eyes were on Faith as she’s hoisted in front of the crowd, while everyone stood and gave a standing ovation.

“The road to get here was extremely tough, I couldn’t help but tear up.”

“I’ve always knew I could make it, all I needed was one chance.”

“Everybody’s a work-in-progress, we just need to believe in ourselves.”

– Faith

Faith’s Devotion To Her Undying Dream

Faith’s love for ballet began when she was a young girl, but a twist of fate soon put her on the sidelines, permanently.

When she was 16, Faith was diagnosed with Cushing Syndrome, a rare disorder that caused a surge of hormones to balloon her size.

“I still attend classes even though I couldn’t graduate.”
“I was left out from performances because I stick out like a sore thumb.”
“Some days are hard to get by when other girls tease me.”
“But that only means I get all the attention, so it’s never bothered me anyway.”

– Faith

Unfortunately, Faith’s undying passion soon took a toll on her knees. Her doctor said her legs just couldn’t support her weight anymore. Faith’s love for ballet will have to stop, until she could trim her size. If this goes on, she’ll even risk walking with her legs.

Faith Grasping At Straws

Ever since her doctor’s warning, Faith could only relive her dreams behind the scenes.

“I’ve poured all my heart and soul, and gave it everything I’ve got, but it seems my hurdles are never-ending.”

“It’s the cruelest wakeup call for me to do something for myself.”

“But I’m in no position to exercise or move, I don’t know where to start.”

– Faith

Faith shared her burdening situation with her doctor, and that’s when she was recommended to consult nutritionist, Dr. Morrison Tyler.

A Shimmer Of Hope

As the world’s leading nutrition expert with 15 years of experience in the field, Dr. Tyler ran tests and assessed Faith’s her cellular respiratory rate, and charted readings of her musculoskeletal activity and caloric intake.

“Faith’s results not only show a lack of important nutrients…”

“Compared to average individuals, her energy levels are surprisingly lower.”

– Dr. Tyler

Dr. Tyler knew it was a challenge getting Faith back in shape. So he implemented a very specifically catered nutrition regimen, consisting of top of the line and organic protein-rich foods from every continent, and requested Faith to stick to it accordingly every day for a month.

It’s Been Genetics All Along

In the first week alone, Faith lost a total of 18 lbs! And just a month later, she dropped a whopping 72 lbs!

“I felt stronger, and I couldn’t believe how light I am on my feet now!”

“My knees no longer ache, and I could run and leap without worries.”

– Faith

As it turns out, the root of Faith’s problem lies in a dormant metabolic reaction. Dr. Tyler discovered it’s often inactive and unable to burn fat, even with vigorous exercise.

“The data is consistent with the claims made by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), whereby 88% of Americans have similarly poor metabolic health”

“Directly causing the rise of heart diseases, diabetes, and many more, and it’s something that can’t be altered on a genetic level.”

“It’s the biggest reason why everyone’s metabolic rate is so different.”

“Sadly, no one realizes it until they're too old or it’s too late!”

“With tech advancements, we don’t need as much physical activity anymore.”

“Hence why our genetic blueprint for burning fat is slowly snuffed out, while we rely on corporate pharmaceuticals to survive.”

– Dr. Tyler

The Origin Behind Jovine™

After witnessing Faith’s incredible turn-around, Dr. Tyler knew this could help thousands turn their life for the better.

But not everyone had the luxury of getting quality-assured nutrients.

So he merged decades of studies, based on a variety of population samples, and gathered a team of health experts from all over the world, to infuse it all into what’s known as Jovine™ today.

This was how Dr. Tyler explained the science behind it:

“Jovine™ is infused with Catechin compounds under the skin’s fatty layer, skyrocketing metabolic reactions to function at optimum capacity.”

“It assists surrounding cells to break down existing fat cells when they couldn’t, and act as the gatekeeper to prevent the formation of excessive fat.”

“It’s also infused with every essential amino acid crucial for metabolic activity, such as lysine, methionine, cystine, arginine, and more.”

“It develops healthy muscle mass, which fuels metabolism, while giving users the perfect balance of energy, and inhibiting hunger.”

“On top of that, Jovine™ also detoxifies years of impurities left by processed food, and prevent plaque buildup in veins, fighting critical diseases.”

– Dr. Tyler

Rebirth Of The Swan Princess

With her new look, Faith returned to her academy soon after. She left everyone stunned, especially when Faith outperformed everyone when she spun more perfectly than a balanced top.

Faith even got the chance to be the centerpiece of their performance, and finally getting a shot at proving herself!

“There are no rules on what a ballerina should look like.”

“We should always have faith in ourselves, never try to be someone else.”

“The world needs to know, that it is what’s on the inside that counts.”

– Faith

Jovine™ Extends Help Beyond Borders

During clinical trials, 97.05% of participants reported significant weight reduction. For volunteer Heather Bennett, it’s more than a simple weight loss journey.

“I’ve been juggling my life as a corporate single mom, and I never realized I was stress eating until it was too late.”

“My health came crashing down, and raised my blood pressure critically.”

“That’s when I enrolled in Dr. Tyler’s trial for Jovine™.”

“Within a week, I lost 10 lbs just going through my day at a desk job!”

“Over the next month, I lost 47 lbs altogether!”

“I could even fit into dresses I wore in my 20s.”

“I was shocked when I found out my blood pressure went back to normal!”

“It literally took the weight off my shoulders and I couldn’t be happier!”

– Heather

Taking Control Of The Inevitable

Dr. Tyler’s last couple of advice from the interview was this:

“It’s true that we’re never 100% in control of how our body develops.”

“But if we’ve ever found a way to better it, we should strive towards it.”

“I’m glad Jovine™ is helping people like Faith regain their passion.”

– Dr. Tyler

Everyone deserves an opportunity to shine, just like Faith. So, reinvent yourself to be the best version of you!

Your body is a temple and should be blessed at all costs. Take charge over the inevitable and set your worries free.