Penilie - Emily Wrey

Revealing the Triumphant Life Story of the Alpha Grandfather

Like the king of the jungle, people would bow down to this grandfather. He is the ultimate alpha male who could control everyone.

Despite not maintaining a healthy lifestyle and partying every night with a bunch of gorgeous models, this grandfather with an expanding waistline is like a beast on the bed.

Better than men who are fitter and younger than him, he could spend his nights making over 20 women happy and satisfied at once. Men idolize him and women are racing to spend a night with him.

He has undeniably left thousands of people worldwide curious. Including Dr. Josephine, a urologist who specializes in male reproductive health:

“Usually, men his age and lifestyle might have a shrinking ‘member’ and are unable to last long enough until their partner is satisfied. But during the examination, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw his package!”

-Dr. Josephine, 41, Urologist Specialist

To find out if it’s true that he was like a machine in bed, Dr. Josephine managed to talk to one of his girlfriends:

“Honestly, he went above my expectations because he looked like an ordinary elderly man. But he took hours to finish the deed and he made sure to satisfy me.”

“I had the big ‘O’ 12 times from only one session! By the end, I was breathing heavily and couldn’t even walk properly. None of my experiences have ever lived up to that hot night!”

-Lydia, 37

Genghis Khan’s Favorite Herb

Enthralled, Dr. Josephine invited Desmond to conduct a full medical checkup. When the results were out, Dr. Josephine was startled to see that Desmond’s testosterone level was equivalent to someone in their early 20s!

“I’ve never seen anything like this! It’s like he has a hormone defender. Because after age 30, most men begin to experience a gradual decline in testosterone.”

“It’s a male hormone that regulates drive and performance in bed.”

-Dr. Josephine, 41, Urologic Specialist

To answer Dr. Josephine’s question, Desmond shared that he was not born this way:

“One day, I came back home early from a business trip to surprise my wife. But when I opened the door, I saw my wife and my best friend in my bed. Feeling heartbroken, I confronted her.”

“She insulted me and said whenever I was inside her, she couldn’t feel anything. I felt embarrassed when she said I would ‘release’ even before entering her.”

“Even after trying Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) and consuming various supplements, none of them worked, I was still smaller than a thumb.”

“I struggled to get it ‘up’ and barely held it for more than a minute. Every ounce of my pride and confidence was lost. This caused me to become extremely insecure. So, I started stuffing socks in my pants.”

-Desmond, 78

What Desmond revealed next was something that could help other men go on lengthy marathons in bed with their partners:

“After I started applying a traditional ointment made based on a legendary Mongolian emperor’s recipe, that’s when I felt as if I was reborn again.”

“I now have the stamina of a bull and could conquer 10 women at once. If you have any doubts, go ahead, and ask my other girlfriend.”

-Desmond, 78

“Despite his age, I’m addicted to him! Desmond gave me explosive climaxes like never before. He’s so massive that every time we finish, I want more.”

-Holly, 28

Penilie™: Man’s Best Friend

Realizing how this discovery could satisfy most people's intimate lives, Dr. Josephine obtained Desmond’s secret and upgraded it.

After months of trials with a team of biochemists, Penilie™, the first-of-its-kind male enhancement spray was born.

Using a scientifically engineered formula with the blend of sophora flavescens, casa bark, cnidium, and clove extracts, it contains the highest concentration of stimulating compounds that help promote testosterone production tenfold for creating larger, harder, and longer-lasting satisfaction.

Dr. Josephine goes on to explain the science behind her invention:

“Due to stress, age, or lifestyle factors, more than 40% of American men over 45 may be suffering from low testosterone levels.”

“This typically leads to reduced motivation, mood swings, fatigue, and diminished performance, which can make intimacy challenging.”

“This concern can be resolved by balancing hormone levels and keeping testosterone level fluctuation to a minimum.”

- Dr. Josephine, 41, Urologic Specialist

After a spray of Penilie™, it will deliver a sense of euphoria as well as high energy all night long. Besides that, it will also maximize blood flow to the pelvic region. Thus, increasing its size and prolonging the length of performance.

Penilie™ Garners Satisfaction Globally

Before the first batch of Penilie™ made its debut to the public, Dr. Josephine conducted a clinical trial with three couples who were about to go through a divorce.

After the experiment, one of them had a huge smile on her face:

“During the lockdown, my husband and I kept arguing because we lost our jobs. The stress left us with no appetite for intimacy and we were about to sign the divorce papers.”

“But thankfully, Penilie™ saved our marriage. In the next 48 hours after my husband used it, we did the deed more than 15 times everywhere in our house!”

“It was mind-blowing, within the first 10 minutes, I had multiple releases!”

-Cynthia, 49, Satisfied user

Penilie™ is the best weapon to regain confidence and to obtain the ultimate pleasure in life.

“Be in your A-game and watch women begging for more and showing their respect. The best gift to the lady in your life is by satisfying their physical cravings.”

“Join me and become the alpha male women want to submit to.”

-Desmond, 78

Reignite The Sparks

Due to the limited supply of the unique blend of herbal extracts, only a few bottles of Penilie™ were manufactured.

Once you have seen this, it means that you are the chosen one to have the opportunity to obtain the power, size, and endurance that you are meant for. So, act fast before stocks run out.

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