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Experience The Full Force Of Life With Onnissta™

The side effects of life-long injuries and aging are an inevitable pain to deal with. Whether we like it or not, our muscles and joints are always at risk of deteriorating, especially when we’ve pushed ourselves to the limit.

For years, humans have researched on various methods to alleviate pain and turn our health around. One of these solutions involve Zone Therapy; a renowned therapeutic solution dating back 1,000 B.C that still stands till this day.

With the advancement of modern medicine, Onnissta™ was born as the next step of modernizing Zone Therapy’s remedial effects to tackle modern day ailments, such as arthritis, osteoporosis, and sarcopenia.

A Healing Technique Refined Over A Millenia

The anguishes of battles from ancient Viking warriors were healed by using thoroughly studied pressure points throughout the body. And for hundreds of generations, its principles were passed to the only known modern matriarchy in the world.

Physiologist Dr Mortimer Hart and his team have revolutionized Zone therapy’s practice. By targeting pressure points at precise portions of the soles, it’s able to realign the musculoskeletal nerves and ligaments to treat a variety of aches.

With over a thousand self-stimulating points created, Onnissta™ gently redistributes the weight of the entire body to rejuvenate the body to produce more than enough energy for you to get through the day.

Amazing Benefits Of Onnissta™

  • Therapeutic Pain Relief - Designed to target pressure points that relieves a variety of aches, ranging from the lumbar spine to the neck and more
  • Promotes Blood Circulation - Stimulated pressure points effectively reduce inflammation and swelling of muscles and joints
  • Proper Alignment of Overall Body Posture - The unique cushion’s design significantly realigns the arch of the foot and spinal cord, giving users maximum comfort
  • Revitalize and Energize - TReconnects nerve terminals for increased energy uptake and reduces fatigue

Directions For Use

1. Carefully trim the outer rim of insoles to fit your size if necessary.

2. Ensure that the nodes are facing up and the flat surface facing down, and insert the insole into its respective side of the shoe.

3. Regularly clean and keep your insoles dry.

4. For optimal results, use on a daily basis.

* The insoles come with a trimming guide so you can adjust and cut-off excess edges to match your foot size.


I’m not going to lie, I’m a little wary when I purchased a pair of Onnissta. But these insoles have really proved me wrong! I had piercing pains from caring for my twin boys at home, always having to run around, and I couldn’t catch a break. My back just gave out all of a sudden. But since my sister recommended me this pair of Onnissta, I gave it a shot. And it worked wonderfully! The feeling is almost indescribable. I felt relaxed yet full of energy to get through my day. I can finally manage the twins with ease. I’d really recommend this to anyone who needs a life-booster.

Marisa Keller, OH

✔ Verified Purchase

After a bit of research, I’ve gotten myself Onnissta just to see what the fuss is all about. But now, it can’t be denied that these pairs of insoles are the most comfortable ones out there. I work in retail, which needs me to be on my feet the entire day. Now, my feet aren’t sore anymore and feel absolutely filled with energy to go to work these days. It’s amazing what little difference can make to your day. Overall, it’s just a great product to get for all ages.

Joanne Lockhart, ID

✔ Verified Purchase

I’ve been trying to get my grandson into football, but just when we hit it off, my arms and legs always cramp up. Not to mention the incredibly painful sores I would get the next morning. I tried training myself back up again, but it just makes me feel worse. My son got me a pair of Onnissta not long ago and I said to myself I’ve got nothing to lose, and boy its life changing! My shoulders aren’t tired one bit, and my legs moved before I could even think. It feels great that I can connect with my grandson without annoying pains. I never leave my house without insoles again thanks to this.

Jonathan Finn, LA

✔ Verified Purchase


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