Much Higher - Emily Wrey

Rising Above the Rest: Meet the Tallest Family Ever Recorded in History

The Russo family is anything but ordinary. Together, they’re a collection of ‘giants’ that tower over the world. Even the youngest son at only the age of 15 dwarfs most fully-grown adults. No matter where they go, they stick out like sore thumbs, with all eyes on them as their heads touch the clouds!

Many have wondered how the Russos managed to grow this tall and one such person was geneticist Dr. Liam Weiss.

“Most of the time, growing this tall isn’t natural.”

“Usually, this is caused by conditions like overgrowth syndrome that results in extraordinarily tall people rarely living long healthy lives.”

“But the Russo family is an exception.”

“Their condition is on par with some of the world’s top athletes, we’ve never seen anything like this before!”

“Many researchers think it’s purely because of genetics, but I think there’s something more going on here.”

– Dr. Liam Weiss, World Renowned Geneticist

Unravelling The Secret Of Their Stature

In his search for the answer behind the Russo’s stature, Dr. Liam approached the family to learn about it from the source. Meeting dad of the family, George Russo.

“It wouldn’t be wrong to call this a blessing.”

“As a kid, I shot up just like my boys did.”

“And while it seems crazy, my grandparents were the same way.”

“They always said that where they came from…”

“People growing this tall was something normal to them!”

– George Russo

Digging deeper, Dr. Liam traced the Russo family’s history, learning they originally came from an island off the coast of Italy called Salina. And upon further research, he learned about Salina’s other name…

Italy’s Isle Of Giants

Dr. Liam travelled to Salina in search of the secret behind this medical mystery. At first, it seemed just like any other town, but he soon noticed something special about the people here.

“I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me!”

“I’m not exactly a short guy, but everyone towered over me.”

“Not a single one of them were under 6-feet-tall.”

“Even elders in their 80s and 90s were still gigantic!"

“Which was strange, since people normally start shrinking after a certain age.”

“It’s almost like they never stopped growing.”

– Dr. Liam Weiss

Dr. Liam was even more surprised after closer inspection. No one here suffered from the health conditions other overly tall people do. In fact, they had the strongest joints he’d ever seen in all his 30 years as a geneticist!

This was when he realized that he was onto something potentially groundbreaking, and became determined to find out what it was.

The Story Of Salina

His search led him to an 84-year-old elder named Bachis Serra, who stood at 7’3” and had the answers that Dr. Liam was looking for.

“In ancient times, the Roman Empire drafted soldiers from Salina, many of our young men were lost in wars to expand the empire and Salina was at risk of disappearing because of it.”

“Travelling miles on foot with heavy weapons and equipment took a toll on their bodies, leaving them hunched and weakened before battles.”

“Until one day, the old village chief, heartbroken over losing so many of our people found a way to strengthen them with a unique back harness he created.”

“Legends say they appeared like giants after wearing it onto the battlefield and dominated it with their incredible power, never losing a battle ever since.”

“It was as if they all had a second growth spurt!”

“The emperor himself ordered for this to be kept a secret, fearing enemy nations would use it against him.”

“Since then, we have kept this practice for over 1,000 years.”

“To this day, it’s made us strong and grow without limits.”

– Bachis Serra

Truth Behind The Giants

Dr. Liam was skeptical of what he heard, but after bringing one back to his lab in the States for testing, he found the harness was capable of correcting the spine and posture. And when Dr. Liam used it on himself, he grew a full 2 inches taller within a month!

He became convinced this would revolutionize the medical world.

“When it comes to growing, it’s given that genetics play a part, however, many people’s bodies are in an unnatural state.”

“Poor posture and modern lifestyles have had a severe effect on us, with our bones unable to grow in the right direction.”

“Along with a lack of nutrition to properly develop the body, this stunts our growth, and according to the World Health Organization (WHO)…”

“1 in 3 people have their growth stunted, ending up shorter than they should be and poorly proportioned.”

“But this harness is capable of reversing that.”

“By correcting posture, it realigns the spine and back nerves, giving the body exactly what it needs to keep growing.”

– Dr. Liam Weiss

A Revolutionary Gift To The World

In mass trials held across the country, 98.6% of participants reported a relief in back pain and an increase in height.

One such person was 64-year-old Jacob Howard, who long suffered from back pain.

“I had a bad fall over a decade ago, and now a day doesn’t go by without my back aching.”

“My doctor originally recommended surgery if I couldn’t bear the pain, but told me to join this trial first before resorting to it.”

“In a matter of minutes after putting it on, the pain faded!”

“I was in awe at how amazing this was, and that wasn’t the end of it, over the month’s trial period, it somehow made me grow taller.”

“I never imagined that I’d go from 5’6” to almost 5’9” in my 60s!”

– Jacob Howard

VertoBrace™’s effectiveness was clear, and since launch, it’s helped over 400,000 people across America. Even earning approval from the American Orthopedic Association (AOA), with AOA director, Dr. Abigail Parsons giving her personal endorsement.

“Many of us spend hours each day hunched down staring at our phones.”

“Leading to everything from back pain to even stunted growth.”

“This is a rising issue among Americans, and in our independent testing…”

“We found VertoBrace™ to be the best way to deal with it.”

“Capable of restoring spinal alignment and letting people grow to their full, natural height, regardless of age.”

– Dr. Abigail Parsons, AOA Director

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