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Discover the Woman Who Prevailed over Millions in Winning the Emperor’s Heart

Wednesday, Septemer 27th, 2023 | Boyd Adair

During the time of Korean Empires, women aim to join the court as early as 265 AD. The selection criteria ranged from emperor to emperor.

When a woman is of age, families across the country would send their daughters to the palace. The selection usually starts with 5000 young women.

In the first round, 1000 were eliminated for obvious physical differences. Next, the women’s voices and general manner were evaluated, slimming the field down by 2,000. Later on, gynecological examination results dismiss another 1,700 women.

The remaining 300 were tested for intelligence, merit, temperament and moral character. The top 100 candidates were subjected to interviews about maths, literature and art.

The King’s Unimaginable Request

While most emperors ended the selection here, the last Korean emperor King Sunjong (reigning 1907) had one more request.

“I am curious if anyone could fit into an 18-inch waistline hanbok. It was my mother’s hanbok and I would like my future empress to have it. Whoever can fit into this 18-inch waistline hanbok shall be my empress.”

– King Sunjong

At the final stage, among the 100 candidates, only one did: the great-grandmother of Min Jung-hee, making her the empress for the last Korean emperor.

The Woman That Made It Through

How was she able to be so slim? Bariatric physician Dr. Nowell Paden wanted to learn more, so he paid Min Jung-hee a visit.

“Out of 5000 women, only my Jeungjo (great-grandma) became the empress. The king didn’t expect anyone to fit in the small hanbok, but my jeungjo did.”

“She had the slimmest waist of only 17.8 inch. Years later, even after giving birth, her waistline was only 18.2 inch. She was only as wide as one A4 paper!”

“We don’t know how she maintained her slim figure. My mom said that jeungjo loved to eat, her stomach was like an endless pit. And she hated doing any physical activities back then.”

“But she spent a lot of time taking a special bath. It became the culture and tradition she established in our family. We practice taking this bath even until this day.”

– Jung-hee

The bath Jung-hee talked about was the pinewood enzyme bath.

The Extraordinary Bath

Intrigued by Jung-hee’s story, Dr. Paden continued to study further. What he learned later was nothing short of astonishment.

“The pinewood enzyme bath is a therapeutic body treatment that uses fermented pinewood enzyme, from the Korean pine tree known as Pinus koraiensis.”

“The enzyme acts as a catalyst to produce and speed up chemical reactions in our body which dilates our skin pores and cardiovascular system to detoxify our body. It is especially effective only with the Korean pine tree because it has the highest count of enzymes compared to any other trees.”

“This treatment has billions of microorganisms that thrives in the perfect carbon-nitrogen ratio to increase metabolism and boost the effect of fat-burning tremendously.”

– Dr. Paden

Dr. Paden realized there is great potential in this enzyme bath that is yet to be discovered by the rest of the world.

The Birth Of Korazyme™

Dr. Paden took matters into his own hands by modernizing this traditional practice into a special patch. He called it Korazyme™.

“Korazyme™ is made of the extraction of enzymes from the Korean pine tree. The extracts are much more concentrated with the active compounds, making this patch more effective than soaking in the bath itself.”

“It infuses the goodness of the active ingredients through our navel that are then broken down in our body to activate fat-burning cells, maximizing inch loss quickly.”

“Its innovative transdermal technology speeds up lipid metabolism to effectively cleanse our body from toxins and impurities, so you’ll feel less bloated and swollen.”

“Korazyme™ is botanically-based, so everyone can use it safely. For optimal results, apply one piece per day for 8-12 hours. The best part is that it can work independently without having to exercise.”

– Dr. Paden

Dr. Paden carried out a clinical trial on Korazyme™. The treatment group showed substantially better outcomes than the control group. 95% reported drastic inch loss within 1 month!

Among them were Regan Ida, who was obese before she got married.

“I have been trying to lose weight all my life. With my wedding coming up, I wanted to lose more weight to fit into my dress beautifully.”

“I tried all kinds of diets… Atkins, Paleo, Keto, Nutrisystem, Weight Watchers. I spent so much on gym classes, yoga, pilates, HIIT; but they were all for nothing!”

“Later on, Dr. Paden approached me with Korazyme™. I didn’t believe it at first, but the results were mind-blowing!”

“In 1 week, I lost almost 16 lbs; 2 weeks on, about 23 lbs was gone. One month later, I lost a total of 52 lbs. My wedding dress fitted more beautifully than I ever expected! That’s the most incredible thing I’ve ever seen.”

– Regan Ida

A Family Legacy That Changes The World

During the official launch of Korazyme™, Dr. Paden thanked Jung-hee for sharing this family secret, to which Jung-hee responded…

“I am the last heir to this secret. There’s no use in keeping it a secret when there’s no one else to share it with. So I hope with this, I can help people around the world to become the best version of themselves.”

– Jung-hee

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