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How A Kid WithA Brain Cavity Designed A Spacecraft That Landed On The Moon

Tuesday, 11ᵗʰ April 2023 | Dr. Camilla Becker, Neuroscientist

Introducing Dana, a young girl who at the tender age of 12 was faced with a daunting medical condition. The doctors discovered a hollow in the frontal part of her brain, the size of a strawberry, which had a profound impact on her emotions, sense of direction, focus, and cognitive abilities. To make matters worse, she was also diagnosed with Dyslexia and ADHD. Her parents tried various medications and therapies to help her, but unfortunately, nothing seemed to work.

However, things took a turn for the better when one of the world's top neurosurgeons learned about Dana's story and decided to lend a helping hand. With his extensive experience in treating patients with brain disorders, the doctor utilized a concentrated organic solution to aid in the recovery of Dana's brain. Within four weeks, the neurosurgeon was thrilled to announce that Dana's brain had almost entirely healed. And that's not all! Dana's remarkable recovery uncovered her hidden talent for programming. Thanks to her newfound talent, Dana was offered a job at NASA as a computer programmer to assist in designing a spacecraft that is scheduled to explore and land on the moon.

Causes of Brain Damage And Its Effects

The brain is the most vital organ in the human body. Yet we often forget that in order to keep it healthy, the brain also needs proper nourishment, enough conditioning, and living a healthy lifestyle. Often, we don’t realize the negative impact. So some people continue their improper way of taking care of themself which causes brain damage to slowly progress.

Figure: Harmful Effect of Living with Daily Bad Habits

According to Med-India, poor diet, lack of sleep, inadequate exercise, frequent consumption of sugary foods, and unhealthy lifestyles are bad habits that could damage the brain. Stress, Anxiety, and Anger are the things we shouldn’t allow to take over us. Because these factors can increase the production of free radicals in the body that slowly deteriorate some parts of the mind by disrupting the blood flow in the brain and affecting the supply of oxygen.

Figure: Free Radicals Affecting The Blood Flow Causing Brain Damage

Brain damage can have a significant impact on intelligence and memory, depending on the location and extent of the damage. If the damage is within the frontal area, it will impact your emotions and behavior. An injury in the topmost part of the brain affects your movement and sensation. Impairing the upper middle part will affect your problem-solving skills. While damage to the lower part of the brain will negatively impact your coordination, memory recall, and capacity to learn.

Figure: Areas of the Brain and their Functions

The solar plexus chakra, also known as the Manipura chakra, is one of the seven major chakras in the human body. It is located in the upper abdomen, at the level of the diaphragm, and is associated with the element of fire. This chakra is responsible for regulating energy flow and promoting a sense of personal power, self-esteem, and confidence.

How Does the Brain Heal Itself?

The brain has an extraordinary ability to heal itself through a process called ‘Neuroplasticity” by adapting and changing its response to different needs. When the brain is damaged, other regions of the brain can take over the lost functions by rewiring themselves through new neural connections. According to Breakthrough Intensive Physical Therapy, this can happen both spontaneously and through the help of specific methods such as “Aromatherapy Brain Stimulation”.

Figure: Neuroplasticity Helps Reconnect the Brain’s Lost Functions

Additionally, regular exercise, a healthy diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants, getting enough restful sleep each night, and engaging in mentally stimulating activities like puzzles or games regularly are additional factors that can boost the effects of Aromatherapy Brain Stimulation. Inhaling essential oils like Sandalwood can increase the supply of oxygen in the mind ranging from 28 to 82 percent more, and improves blood flow.

Figure: Sandalwood Aromatherapy Improves Blood Flow, Increasing Oxygen Supply

Sandalwood and Bacopa Monnieri for Brain Recovery

Oxygen is one of the main sources of the healing processes of the body, particularly the brain. And that is what Sandalwood’s Sesquiterpenes does best, by increasing the amount of oxygen supplied it not only heals the brain through Neuroplasticity but also improves cognitive function. The oxygenation of the deepest part of the mind helps metabolize the vitamins and minerals that are essential to enhance the cognitive functional capacity of each area of the brain.

Also, the presence of Sesquiterpenes' anti-inflammatory properties in Sandalwood oil stops the accumulation of free radicals by preventing stress which can cause damage to the brain cells. It also prevents the production of TNF-α which is responsible for the binding and accumulation of immune cells due to fatigue or migraine which causes swelling in our head. Based on trials, people with inflammation in their brains experienced a 37 percent decline in thinking and memory skills.

Figure: Sandalwood’s Sesquiterpenes Reduces Brain Inflammation

Among the Ayurvedic medicines, Bacopa Monnieri or also known as Water Hyssop is an herb used to increase anyone’s IQ by up to tenfold. It helps to improve the speed of visual information processing. It is similar to how people with Genius-level IQ have the best photographic memory. Because it supports their mind to memorize a large chunk of information at a faster rate.

Bacopa Monnieri works by producing more serum calcium levels that are needed for essential nourishment to improve the cognitive functions of the brain. This biochemical production results in the increased performance of both semantic memory (remembering) and visual-spatial abilities (learning). While the Alkaloids present in Bacopa Monnieri treat Neurodegenerative conditions like ADHD and Dyslexia. It inhibits the activity of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) which helps our mind to think properly.


Day 1

Constantly under stress and lacking sleep, Dion's hardworking nature led him to collapse and be admitted to the intensive care unit. His brain was severely damaged, causing memory lapses and an inability to move his body. However, a fellow patient who had experienced similar symptoms recommended Dion's son a concentrated solution of Sandalwood oil and Bacopa Monnieri, which proved to be effective. After just one hour of applying the solution to Dion's temples, he was able to move his fingers again.

Day 15

After two weeks of availing the mixture of Sandalwood oil and Bacopa Monnieri. Dion's condition improved rapidly, allowing him to move around the hospital and even leave his bed. His son carefully administered the solution by placing a few drops into a humidifier twice a day and rubbed the oil onto his father's temples every eight hours. Along with his ongoing therapy, Dion's doctors and nurses were amazed by his speedy recovery. His memory improved significantly, and he was even able to wish his son a happy birthday.

Day 31

After a month in the hospital, Dion's doctor finally gave him the green light to return home and continue his therapy there. Amazingly, just a few days later, Dion was even able to attend a live baseball game and enjoy it. What surprised and thrilled his family the most was how sharp Dion's memory had become. Despite it being his first time watching these baseball teams play, he was able to recall all of the players' names effortlessly. It's clear that Dion's treatment has made a remarkable difference in his quality of life, allowing him to return to his normal routines and enjoy the things he loves once again.

“I never thought I'd make it. I took my health for granted and nearly paid the price. However, the combination of Sandalwood oil and Bacopa Monnieri proved to be a godsend. I didn't think I could recover from my brain damage, but this solution was a blessing in disguise. I'm grateful to God for sending me this bottled miracle, which has allowed me to continue pursuing my life's mission and caring for my family..”
Dion C., 51 MA

Healthy Brain Will Free You From Strain

Don't let stress and brain damage take over your life. An unhealthy mind will risk you from strains like memory loss and uncoordinated body movement. Recharge your mind and allow your brain to recover with the powerful combination of Sandalwood oil and Bacopa Monnieri essence. Keep your mind feeling rejuvenated without missing any important memory behind.