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Ignite the Eternal Knowledge of the Last Geisha Standing

Tuesday, 14th November 2023 | Eleanor Baldwin, Senior Editor

This grandmother is the oldest living geisha in the world although she might not look the part!

Even at 58, Chieko Nishimura is still in high demand as the most experienced geisha. People travel far and wide to see her perform, but they are often left more in awe of her peerless charm and beauty.

An interviewer who met her was shocked to find out about her age:

“How are you able to maintain such a youthful appearance?”

Her reply intrigued many:

“Being a geisha is something we have to take very seriously, as we not only have to conduct ourselves extremely well but we also have a beauty reputation to maintain.”

“I am not the only one that has such good complexion.”

“In fact, most geishas look very youthful too.”

“It is the minimum requirement for our position.”

– Chieko Nishimura

Frozen In Time

Chieko’s wrinkle-free and glowing skin piqued the interest of Dr. June Foster, a board-certified dermatologist with 28 years of experience who was determined to unravel this long-held mystery.

Dr. June flew to Chieko’s geisha quarters in Kyoto, also known as a hanamachi and spent weeks studying Chieko and her fellow geishas.

What Dr. June discovered was truly shocking!

“All of the geishas have smooth and supple skin regardless of their age!”

“It was fascinating because they don't use any products on their faces.”

“Yet I have never seen such great skin complexions anywhere else in all my years working as a dermatologist.”

– Dr. June Foster

Secret Of The Geishas

After Dr. June asked how the geishas managed to maintain good skin even as they aged, Chieko finally let her in on the geishas’ best kept secret.

“The goal for geishas is to have skin that is lit from within.”

“We call this ‘Ukkiri’ in Japanese, where the face is hydrated and glowing, free from wrinkles and blemishes.”

“To achieve this, geishas use a traditional routine called ‘Uruoi’, a 300-year-old concept passed down from ancient times.”

“‘Uruoi’ makes use of Japanese yuzu fruit to moisturize and brighten the skin.”

“We infuse water with fresh yuzu seeds for up to a week and apply the liquid to our faces daily.”

“Although the process takes a bit of time and effort, it lays the perfect foundation for the white makeup we have to put on.”

“As the ‘Uruoi’ tradition is not simply a beauty practice but a way of life for us.”

– Chieko Nishimura

A Game-Changing Ingredient

While Dr. June knew that citrus-like fruits such as the yuzu contained Vitamin C, she was skeptical that the fruit could perfect skin completely. So, she began trying out the ‘Uruoi’ tradition alongside the geishas.

But within just a week of use, Dr. June was taken aback by the results! The fine lines around her eyes and mouth had begun smoothing out and her skin tone was more even and bright.

Dr. June realized that this humble fruit was the key to maintaining youthfulness. She asked for a sample of yuzu fruit to conduct more research back home and this is what she found.

“Besides having high levels of Vitamin C to brighten the skin, yuzu is also rich in antioxidants, boosting immunity and preventing skin cancer.”

– Dr. June Foster

Dr. June had tried replicating its results with other citrus fruits but to no avail! As the Japanese yuzu fruit was the only one with these properties.

With this knowledge, Dr. June wanted to see if she could improve on its effects.

“I believe people all around the world should get to benefit from the yuzu fruit.”

“Not everyone can travel to Japan to turn back the clock on aging, so it’s up to me to make the impossible happen: perfecting the art of ‘Uruoi’ for daily use without sacrificing its efficacy.”

– Dr. June Foster

All-In-One Wonder

After intensive and thorough tests, she managed to extract Japanese yuzu in its most potent form into a serum. Dr. June named her creation Kealive™.

“In our modern times, skincare is more about convenience, with people popping pills and injecting their faces.”

“This has led to more damage than benefits to the skin.”

“Now with Kealive™ inspired by the geishas’ ‘Uruoi’ tradition, I have finally found the solution to achieve peerless and glowing skin!”

“Kealive™ works to reverse the effects of aging on the face.”

“With Japanese yuzu extract, it enhances natural collagen production by increasing cell turnover rate up to 89% faster than usual!”

“Kealive™ regenerates new cells to repair the skin barrier, preventing wrinkles and age spots from forming as well as keeping the contours of the face firm and tight.”

“Its levels of Vitamin C are three times more than in lemons, helping to even out skin tone and add hydration to keep the face supple and radiant.”

“The antioxidants in Kealive™ protect the skin from harmful free radicals, reducing the likelihood of skin cancer which further slows down the course of aging.”

– Dr. June Foster

The Essence Of Immortality

Dr. June invited Chieko to be the first to try out Kealive™, seeking her verdict on its effectiveness.

“I did not think our tradition could be improved, but after trying Kealive™, I’m convinced!”

“I’m able to see greater benefits in a shorter amount of time.”

“I also noticed that my white makeup goes on even smoother than before.”

“Kealive™ combines our traditional ‘Uruoi’ method with the ease of convenience, I can bring it with me anywhere I go!”

– Chieko Nishimura

Kealive™ was a breakthrough success at launch with 400,000 units sold. 97.8% of consumers reported visible improvements, including reduced wrinkles, a hydrated complexion, and a radiant glow.

One of Kealive™’s customers, 60-year-old Felicia Reed couldn’t stop raving about it:

“At my age, I thought seeing the condition of my skin deteriorating was normal.”

“I assumed there was nothing I could do about my wrinkles and age spots without going under the knife or laser.”

“To my surprise, Kealive™ proved me wrong!”

“It really smooths out my deep set wrinkles and lines, all while brightening and hydrating my skin.”

“It looks like the decades have dropped off my face!”

– Felicia Reed

Shaking Up The Skincare World

The American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) also gave Kealive™ its seal of approval.

“Kealive™ is definitely one of the breakthrough star products we’ve come across.”

“It combines precise science and natural ingredients to create a powerhouse serum that targets all skin concerns, especially reversing signs of aging.”

“It is the most potent product on the market right now and people worldwide will be able to reap the benefits without needing to travel to Japan!”

– Dr. Stanley Mason, President of AAD

Kealive™ is taking the skincare world by storm and you won’t want to miss it!

Come join countless others who have already reaped its benefits. Gain a boost in your confidence today and discover younger, healthier skin like never before!

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