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Born As A Janitor’s Son, He Is Now The Owner Of Several Mansions

Meet the man who was banned from casinos worldwide for being too lucky. Even though he is not even 40 yet, George has retired and with his fortune, generations of his family will never have to work again.

However, 38-year-old George wasn’t always this fortunate. His parents divorced when he was young and he was raised by his mother who worked as a janitor until she took her last breath due to terminal cancer:

“Growing up, I was bullied because I didn’t have a father and I was teased because my mother was a janitor.”

“Up to when I was 28, I couldn’t keep a job for more than a year. When I finally had a stable career and bought myself a car, my boss told me that the company is closing down.”

“I spent years looking for a new job but I kept getting rejected. So, I had to file for bankruptcy because I couldn’t pay for my car. To pay off my debts, I had to work as a dishwasher for 13 hours a day.”


Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Feeling hopeless, George visited his local church. There, he saw an elderly man who had fallen down the stairs. George didn’t hesitate to give the frail man a hand and he called an ambulance and accompanied the man to the hospital.

It turns out that the elderly man is a chairman of a billion-dollar company. Feeling grateful, the man offered to repay him with a cheque but George declined.

However, he insisted on giving George something:

“I can’t thank you enough for helping me when no one else would. Please accept this bracelet as a token of my appreciation. Your kindness is a rarity and I wish you the best.”

-Elderly man

Streak Of Good Luck

After exchanging contacts, George wore the bracelet without expecting much but he woke up the next day feeling positive. His employer treated him better than usual and he even received a bonus!

Then, George had the sudden urge to buy the lottery and true enough, he won a staggering $650,000! So, he decided to try out his luck again at the casino. This time, George won nearly $4 million playing cards in one night, almost causing the casino to close down!

“Everything felt like a dream, I’ve never had this much money before.”


George managed to settle all his debts and he even bought himself a penthouse and the latest sports car. Without even working, he made millions from his stock investments.

Hitting Rock Bottom

George didn't even realize the bracelet was the cause of his good fortune until one tragic day:

“After swimming in the ocean one day, I lost my bracelet and from there on, one unfortunate event after another kept happening.”

“I lost millions from investing and being scammed by my friends. Then, I crashed my car and it was damaged beyond repair. The accident left me with internal injuries and I had to be hospitalized.”

“These piled up the bills and the bank almost took my house away.”


Paradise For The World’s Millionaires

Desperate to find a solution, George contacted the elderly man to ask about the bracelet:

“I was an orphan from Greece who lived in poverty. One day, I went to a countryside called Attica and visited a temple there. Overwhelmed with financial stress, I cried in the temple.”

“Then, a monk gave me a bracelet and with the bracelet’s blessings, I’ve come a long way from a small stall owner to becoming a successful supermarket chain owner and become known as a self-made billionaire.”

“It was said that the town is also known as the ‘Secret Town’ of the super-rich, where millionaires visit to obtain guidance and prosperity in businesses.”

-Elderly man

Once George was discharged from the hospital, he looked for the town. He was shocked as the town looked more developed than he’d expected. To date, Attica has become one of the wealthiest cities in the world, with an annual household income of millions of Euros.

History Behind One Of The World’s Wealthiest Towns

There, he visited a temple and met the local monk, Helios. According to Helios, the locals called the bracelet Tychera™:

“Ages ago, the Greek goddess of fortune, ‘Tyche’, blessed our town when it was crumbled in battles. With her blessings, our previously destroyed town rose to become the leading city of Ancient Greece.”

“To thank the goddess, the ancient locals built her a temple and in exchange, Tyche rewarded the town with dazzling pyrite stones. Also known as the lucky stone and the money magnet, it can attract a continuous flow of wealth and block negative energies in the environment.”

“Since it is connected to the solar plexus chakra, it guides the wearer by multiplying their willpower and motivation to move forward in their career and make wise investment decisions in order to boost the flow of money in their lives. Since then, the locals have been making bracelets out of pyrite stones.”

-Helios, Monk

Blessed By The Goddess Of Fortune

Enthralled, George managed to receive another bracelet from Helios. After wearing it, he instantly felt motivated. Within a few days, his investment earnings were double the amount he’d lost.

Then, he had six winning tickets from the lottery, bringing home more than $125 million! So, George bought a mansion in Los Angeles and started a multi-million dollar investment firm.

Then, he donated a majority of his wealth to the children’s hospitals and he even built an animal shelter.

Lady Luck Is Always Around

Realizing how the stone could help many others, George worked with the top Pyrite supplier from Attica so that everyone can experience the same opportunities as him.

36-year-old Joanne, a divorcee, also wishes to share her story:

“I filed for divorce after my husband cheated on me. In the same week, I lost my job as a beautician and almost became homeless.”

“When my friend told me about Tychera™, I was skeptical but I decided to give it a shot when my millionaire friend recommended it. Within the first week, it felt like I absorbed the energy of the bracelet.”

“Since then, I’ve gained confidence and made wise financial decisions. For my friend’s bachelorette party, we went to Las Vegas and I won $500,000 at the slot machine!”

“A week later, I received a high-paying job at a prestigious company. In less than a year, I built an international beauty empire and I went from having $20 in my bank account to earning millions.”

“And I’m even engaged to an heir who is younger than me!”

- Joanne

Achieve and obtain even the impossible in life. Prosperous beginnings start here with the Tychera™ bracelet. However, as the stones native to Attica are limited, only a selected few can be lucky enough to own one.

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